About Us


I've been a car guy all my life (62 years). Over the years I've owned and/or restored many vehicles including more than a few Porsche 911s 924s 944s and 928s, several Triumphs, MGs, Alfa Romeos,  Mazda RX7s, and a few American muscle cars including some Chevys, Pontiacs, Buicks, and Fords. I recovered my first Porsche 928 leather dash in 1986. Since then I have recovered several hundred 928, 911 and 944 dashboards.

I work with three experienced "trimmers" who handle much of the leather cutting, sewing and finishing.

Rod Klingelhofer worked with fabricators and trim shops for more than 10 years sharpening his skills in automotive design and fabrication while obtaining his Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy. A Master Leather Craftsman and Artist in his own right, Rod has been instrumental in designing, patterning most of our leather creations for Porsche interiors.

Remon Odeh is an Interior Engineer and Master Leather Craftsman with over 25 years experience designing and fabricating interiors for Lear Corporation. After striking out on his own several years ago, Remon was called upon by Jay Leno and Lear Corp to travel to LA to help design and fabricate the interior on two of Jay Leno's collector cars.

Jeff Mangrum with me for 5 years now, has been wrapping leather on automotive parts for more than 10 years. From new fabrication, like Jay Leno's anniversary Deuce Coup for Ford Motor Company, to rewrapping run of the mill, OEM, 911 interior panels with Classic 9 Leather Shop for comedian Tim Allen's 1968 Porsche 911 seen in our 911 Photo Gallery.

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